Scan, Clean, and Speed Up Your PC

CompuClever Power Suite cleans, fixes, and optimizes your PC, giving it peak performance and stability.

Unparalleled Security Technology Against Malware Threats.

It’s designed to deliver the best performance for your PC and it’s built on the most advanced antivirus technology available today. Exceptional in its ease of use, it allows you to handle security with a single click. The intuitive technology also guards your online privacy and digital identity.

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Give your PC the ultimate tuneup

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1. PC Clean & Optimization

Restore your PC to its original fast speed.

Keep Your PC Clean
Review installed applications and remove unwanted or rarely used software. Remove junk files and data to free up hard drive space.

Optimize Startup
Review startup programs and disable unnecessary or unwanted startup applications. Optimize system settings to reduce startup or shutdown time.

Faster Hard Drive
Analyze and perform hard drive defragmentation to reduce hard drive access time. Hard drive optimization improves overall system performance.

Safeguard Your Privacy
Don’t let your private details become public knowledge. Search and erase all traces of Internet cookies, history data, and privacy files pertaining to email and instant messaging.

2. Fix Errors & Crashes

Keep PC running smoothly.

Fix Common Errors
Fix-it Center provides a comprehensive collection of solutions to specific PC stability and performance issues. Fix-it Center provides one solution for one specific problem, achieving high success rate in fixing PC issues.

Stop Crashes & Freezes
Clean your registry to prevent system crashes. Reorganize your registry to eliminate database problems and prevent your PC from crashing and freezing.

Keep Windows Updated
Update Windows and system drivers to ensure your PC always have the latest fixes, updates, enhancements from Microsoft and your hardware manufactures.

Automatic/1-Click Maintenance
Fine tune your PC settings or use our featured Smart TuneUp to automatcially perform PC cleaning and maintenance according to your preferences and needs.

3. Internet & Browser TuneUp

Restore Internet speed from crawling to surfing.

Clean & Restore Web Browser
Picking up software add-ons means modifications get made to your web browser such as extra toolbars and popup windows. The web browser specifically gets bogged down in these situations as it contains too many unnecessary add-ons. Remove unnecessary add-ons or toolbars to optimize your web browser.

Internet Explorer TuneUp
Many people prefer using Internet Explorer as their default browser. Internet Explorer can function as well as any other alternative browser when maintained properly. With the CompuClever Power Suite you can restore Internet Explorer to its originally fast factory-default condition.

4. Advanced Technical Support

Get the most from your software.

Prioritized Product Support
Product support requests are given top priority! Your request will be be answered promptly by our elite team of tech support specialists.

Advanced System Diagnosis
Using a built-in error reporting tool, our elite tech support team conducts an in-depth system diagnosis to identify the source of issues.

Upgrade Assurance Plan
Keep your software up-to-date with the latest version. You will receive both feature updates and major version upgrades at no additional charge.

Stay Informed
Receive important information and critical updates about software, computers, security, and privacy. Receive tips and tricks on how to benefit the most from available PC technology.


Startup Optimization
Reduce Windows startup time

Speedup Hard Drive
Remove disc defragmentation

Registry Maintenance
Clean & Defrag system database

Network Tuneup
Optimize settings for faster Inernet

Windows Update
Check & perform Windows updates

Optimize Web Browser
Clean & restore browser settings

Automated Maintenance
Clean & Tuneup PC automatically

Uninstall Unwanted Software
Get rid of rarely-used applications

Disk Cleaner
Wipe junk data to free up disk space

Clean Web Browser
Remove browser toolbars & add-ons

Protect Online Privacy
Remove personal or sensitive info

Priority Support
Get fast & expert responses

Upgrade Assurance Plan
Free product updates and upgrades